System Verification Associates Launches High Assurance Services

I founded System Verification Associates (SVA) in 2009.  The last five years have been full of new challenges that led to remarkable client wins. Some highlights include:

  • Improved the software process at several FDA-regulated product companies. A particular challenge was to find the right balance of quality management system structure and the creative energy that Agile practices unleash.
  • Developed model-based testing solutions for the high-frequency trading space and aerospace.
  • Helped software service and product companies articulate unique high-value messaging for innovative services.
  • Published the first Model-based Testing user survey.
  • Developed a testing and virtualization framework for the “Internet of Things.”
  • And of course, for three years I lead an SVA team supporting Microsoft’s Open Protocols project and served as its process architect.

All my work for the last five years has resulted from recommendations and established relationships. I didn’t feel a need to market SVA’s growing capabilities. But with the rapid disruption of the entire information technology landscape, it is time to reintroduce myself and System Verification Associates.

This relaunch of the SVA web site is a first step, focused on three branded offerings.

  • 360 Degree Process Improvement
  • Advanced API Verification
  • Multidimensional Testing

Stay tuned …