360 Degree Process Improvement

Repeatable Agile engineering produces world-class results

Our 360 Degree Process Improvement recently identified actions to save a client $5 million in direct costs.  We can help your software development organization do better. Maybe a lot better.

But better doesn’t mean chasing the latest hype cycle buzzword—they’re often just symptoms of essential software development problems, not solutions.

360 Degree Process Improvement blends internationally accepted standards with careful listening and pragmatism.

  • Conduct unscripted interviews with management, product planners, architects, testers, and operations
  • Understand the drivers of your business success and strategic goals
  • Define and measure key metrics for benchmarking with peers and competitors
  • Inventory key practices using our TMMi and ISO 90003 instruments

We listen to your team’s stories to get a realistic picture of how things really work at your organization. Our survey instruments ensure you get unbiased evidence about hundreds of key practices. That’s why we call our approach 360 Degree Process Improvement.

What is a world-class software development organization?

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Advanced API Verification

Robust and usable APIs drive traffic growth

Advanced API Verification assures your APIs have the usability, robustness, and performance to drive high traffic and top-line growth.

  • Five sprint process proven on hundreds of complex APIs
  • Validates documentation correctness and usability
  • Evaluates scalability, security, and robustness
  • Verifies behavior with deep automated exploration
  • Unambiguous “Done” criteria

Robust and usable APIs drive traffic growth—does yours?

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Multidimensional Testing

Extreme realism achieves robust complex systems

Multidimensional Testing achieves high reliability for complex systems.

Traditionally, system testing focuses separately on the dimensions of functionality, performance, and robustness. Multidimensional Testing uses advanced model-driven simulation to generate highly realistic test suites that exercise all three dimensions at the same time.

In complex systems, catastrophic failures often result from the combined stress of unusual usage, high load, and partial failures. Traditional testing strategies cannot trigger these kinds of failures. Multidimensional Testing can.

Can you slay the Dragon King before it eats you?

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High Assurance Insights

A point of view on what it takes to achieve high assurance for 21st century systems

About System Verification Associates

Enabling High Assurance

System Verification Associates Enables High Assurance. Founded in 2009 and led by Robert V. Binder, we assist clients in achieving high reliability and effectiveness in their IT processes and systems. Our clients are typically software development organizations for whom system failure is not an option. For example, SVA has:

  • Supported Microsoft’s Open Protocols project with a team of experts; Robert Binder served process architect, leading the technical work of over 300 staff located in Redmond, China, India, and Argentina.
  • Assessed and improved software process at several FDA-regulated product companies, balancing quality management system compliance and Agile practices.
  • Developed model-based testing solutions for high-frequency trading and aerospace applications.
  • Helped software service and product companies articulate unique high-value messaging for innovative services.
  • Developed a testing and virtualization framework for the “Internet of Things.”
  • Conducted and published the Model-based Testing User Survey of 2012 and 2014 (forthcoming.)

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